6 Things to Know Before Getting Breast Implants

27 December 2016 / By shumway
What to Know About Breast Implants - Shumway

What to Know About Breast Implants - ShumwayIf there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching shows like The Bachelorette and witnessing celebrities on the red carpet, it’s that big breasts are beautiful. With curves coming back into style, more and more women are weighing their options for enhancing their breast size to achieve an hourglass figure – and there are statistics to prove it. Breast augmentation surgeries have increased by a whopping 31 percent since 2000.

In the past decade and a half, new advancements in breast implant technology have provided women the luxury of achieving the figure they desire faster, safer, and with more natural looking results than ever before. Despite the fact that getting a boob job is about as common as having any other surgery these days, there’s still a lot you need to know before deciding if the procedure is right for you. Here are six things to know before getting breast implants.

You don’t need to take a month off work

If you get two weeks of vacation each year, you’ll only need to use about half of your available days to recover from a breast enhancement surgery. Though you’ll still be sore after that first week, you’ll be fine to go back to work as long as your job doesn’t involve manual labor.

Your breasts will feel different

Though silicone breast implants feel much more natural than the saline variety so popular in the 90s, there’s no getting around the fact that they’re man-made and therefore won’t feel like real breast tissue. If you choose to get your implants placed behind the muscle, though, they’ll be harder to detect.

You can’t go from small to big in one fell swoop

Breast enhancement is a drastic procedure. If you’re currently a small B cup and want to go up to a DD, expect that you’ll need more than one procedure to get there. It will take your body and skin time to adjust, and doing too much too soon can cause stretch marks and tissue damage.

Breast implants could affect your ability to breastfeed

Women who have breast implants inserted via nipple incision can experience loss of sensitivity in their nipples. If the nipples lack sensitivity, milk might not flow when a baby latches on. Women who have implants inserted through the armpit or crease of the breast should not have this problem. If you plan to breastfeed at some point, mention this to your doctor during your consultation.

Your first breast surgery may not be your last

Breast implants don’t have an expiration date, but they do need to be maintained in order to last. They may begin to leak over time or a “scar shell” could form around them, necessitating another surgery to replace the implants. On average, 25 percent of women need to have their implants removed and new ones put in after 10 years.

Your gorgeous new figure will be revealed with time

Breast enhancement is a major surgery that takes time to recover from. You’ll likely be swollen and your skin may appear discolored for a few weeks. Be patient with yourself. Day by day, you’ll notice positive changes in your body. Two or three months post-surgery, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous final results. Trust us – it’s worth the wait!

Are you ready to get the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted?

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, your comfort is our priority. If any of the points above raise questions for you, be sure to bring them up at your consultation. We’ve found that our patients experience the best results when they go into their procedures feeling confident and assured, so we’ll take as much time as needed to address all of your concerns prior to scheduling your surgery.

Call us today to take the first step towards the body you’ve always wanted!

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