What are the Benefits of Eyelid Surgery?

22 December 2016 / By shumway
Eyelid Surgery Benefits - Shumway MD

Eyelid Surgery Benefits - Shumway MDWhen you meet someone new, which facial feature do you notice first? For most of us, it’s the eyes. Unfortunately, this area is also one of the first to display the signs of aging. Collagen and elastin in the delicate, fragile skin around the eyes begin to break down as early as age 30, with deeper wrinkles, puffiness and under-eye bags developing in the years that follow. You may not feel much different than you did in your twenties, but your reflection says otherwise.

Is it possible to give your face a refreshed, relaxed appearance without looking like a completely different person? With eyelid surgery, it is. Eyelid surgery (also called a blepharoplasty) is a procedure that removes fat and sometimes small amounts of muscle and skin from around the eyes to restore youthful eye qualities. Because your eyes have such a big impact on how your face looks, this single procedure is an effective way to refresh your overall appearance.

The benefits of eyelid surgery

Though the results of eyelid surgery are unique to each patient, you can generally expect the procedure to bring about the following benefits:

No more under-eye bags

If you have puffy bags beneath your eyes regardless of how much sleep you get, you may benefit from a lower eyelid lift. Lifting the lower lid removes the fatty deposits and excess skin beneath your eyes that make you look more tired than you feel.

Improved vision

An eyelid lift may be performed to treat ptosis, a condition characterized by drooping and sagging in the upper eyelids, which can obstruct your vision. Lifting the upper lid removes excess skin and tissue to expand your line of sight.

A refreshed appearance

An eyelid lift enhances the shape and appearance of your eyes, which has a positive impact on your entire look. When performed in conjunction with a brow lift or facelift, an eyelid lift can produce even more dramatic results.

Fewer fine lines

Although not the primary goal of eyelid surgery, many patients do see an improvement in crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes after lifting both the upper and lower lids.

Are you a good candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you’re dissatisfied with your appearance due to puffiness above or below your eyes, sagging eyelid skin that impairs your vision, or fine lines at the corners of or beneath your eyes, you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery. Most cosmetic surgeons agree that the ideal age for eyelid surgery patients is 35 years or older, but certain circumstances can make the procedure appropriate for younger patients. The best way to know if you could achieve your cosmetic goals with eyelid surgery is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shumway.

Enhance your eyes and rejuvenate your face with eyelid surgery

It’s hard to believe a simple lift to the upper and lower eyelids can refresh your face, but it’s true. Your eyes have a tremendous impact on your overall appearance. An eyelid lift can restore the youthful qualities of your eyes to make you look as rested and beautiful as you feel on the inside. If you’re ready to eliminate drooping eyelids, under-eye bags, and fine lines for a rejuvenated look, call us. At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Shumway will consult with you personally to recommend the best approach for the results you desire.

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