bioCorneum® in La Jolla, CA

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, accredited by the Joint Commission and awarded the Gold Seal of Approval which reflects our commitment to excellence and quality patient care, offers bioCorneum® to local residents requiring management and prevention of scaring.

What is bioCorneum®?

bioCorneum® is a cutting-edge silicone gel product that has been clinically proven to diminish the appearance of post-surgical scarring. This product doesn’t just make scars look better faster; it encourages them to heal naturally and normally. bioCorneum®, the first and only FDA-approved topical silicone scar treatment with SPF, also provides UV protection to shield healing skin against additional damage from exposure to ultraviolet light.

Why Should I Use bioCorneum®?

Although scars typically stay covered immediately post-surgery, it’s essential to take other preventative steps after the bandages and sutures are removed. Scars are particularly vulnerable to sun-induced damage, especially if they’re new. This may cause permanent discoloration, such as browning or redness, and cause skin to thicken even after the scar has healed. By keeping the scar and surrounding area protected by an invisible silicone barrier, bioCorneum helps scars become softer, smoother and less apparent while also suppressing the discomfort and itching that can come with normal healing.

How Should bioCorneum® Be Applied?

For the best possible results, bioCorneum® should be applied in a thin layer over scars twice per day. The product must maintain constant contact with the scar at all times throughout the day and night in order to be effective. The gel dries in just a few minutes, providing the scar with a flexible and waterproof shield that offers all-day protection. It’s highly suggested to treat fresh scars with bioCorneum® for two to three months. bioCorneum® may also be applied to older scars and should be used for a minimum of three months.

How Much Does bioCorneum® Cost?

The cost of bioCorneum® is determined by the length of treatment as well as the size and number of the areas to be treated. If you live in the San Diego or La Jolla areas, contact our office today to find out if bioCorneum® could be the right choice for you. We offer payment plans and work closely with CareCredit™ to help you afford bioCorneum® and other skin care services.

Fast Facts

  • The first and only FDA-approved SPF 30 topical silicone scar treatment product available.
  • The only topical scar treatment with more than 2,000 participants in published trials that prove its safety and effectiveness.
  • Fast and easy to apply.
  • Dries within minutes to provide a flexible, protective, waterproof and invisible silicone barrier.
  • Discourages abnormal scar formation after burns and cosmetic or medical surgery.
  • Helps raised or uneven scars become flatter and softer.
  • SPF 30 skin-protecting ingredients discourage scars from becoming discolored due to UV exposure.
  • Minimizes discoloration and redness.
  • Halts the pain and itching that often occur with the healing process.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Can be applied to large areas and on irregular surfaces.
  • Can be used underneath makeup.
  • Is suitable for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

Why Choose Dr. Shumway?

Dr. Shumway is the Founder and Director of Shumway Cosmetic Surgery located on the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus in La Jolla, California. He is a past President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and President elect of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He completed an extensive surgical training program at Duke University Medical Center. This program was followed by a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Beverly Hills at UCLA. He is well known for his teaching as a Fellow of The American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Dr. Shumway evaluates each patient personally and considers techniques that will provide exceptional results with minimal downtime.