Breast Lift in La Jolla, CA

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, accredited by the Joint Commission and awarded the Gold Seal of Approval which reflects our commitment to excellence and quality patient care, offers breast lifts to local residents requiring cosmetic surgery. Aging, pregnancy, weight loss, and breastfeeding can wreak havoc on your breasts, and even heredity can cause you to have less than perky natural breasts. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the country, but some women don’t want bigger breasts – they just want their natural breasts to look better.

What Is a Breast Lift?

If you are unhappy with your breasts, you may just need some subtle changes to the position of your breasts. Unlike breast augmentation, which changes the size of your breasts, a breast lift will raise your breast position on your chest, which can make your breasts look more firm and perky. Although a breast lift alone can make improvements in your breasts, some women may prefer to have a combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation.

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

One of the best methods to find out if a breast lift is right for you is to place a pencil under your breast. If you let go of the pencil and it doesn’t drop, chances are that your breasts do sag. If you would like to get a general feel for how you might look after your breast lift, you can lift your arms over your head and see how the position of your breasts changes. With so many breast enhancements options available from Dr. Shumway, however, the best way to find out if a breast lift is right for you is to schedule a consultation appointment.

Choosing a Breast Lift Surgeon

Dr. Shumway is the Founder and Director of Shumway Cosmetic Surgery located on the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus in La Jolla, California. He is the current President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the former President of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. He studied many years at Duke University in General and Thoracic Surgery and in Surgery of the Head and Neck. This was followed by a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Surgery. With over 11 years of surgical training and 12 additional years of breast augmentation experience teaching the TUBA technique, Dr. Shumway is the premier physician on the West Coast performing Transumbilical Breast Augmentation.

How Is a Breast Lift Performed?

Generally, a breast lift procedure takes about one to three hours, during which time you will be under general anesthesia. One of four incision placements is used, depending on the degree of sagging in your breasts – anchor, lollipop, donut, and crescent. After the incision is made, Dr. Shumway re-shapes your natural breast tissue and may remove excess skin, fat, and tissue. Your nipple and areola may also be moved to give your breasts a natural appearance.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost in San Diego and La Jolla, CA?

The cost  of your breast lift will depend on the extent of the surgery needed for your individual body style and cosmetic goals. We offer payment plans and work closely with CareCredit™ to help you with the cost of your breast lift.

On the Road to Recovery

Rest is recommended for the first few days following surgery. A post-surgical sports bra is typically worn for the first few weeks. Most discomfort associated with the breast surgery will be well-controlled with the oral pain medication prescribed by Dr. Shumway. Antibiotics will also be prescribed. Most patients report only mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness following the surgery. Many patients return to work within three days and resume their normal activities within four to six weeks.

Additional Breast Enhancement Procedures

Take the Next Step!

If you have been considering a breast lift, the first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation in our La Jolla office with Dr. Shumway. This will give Dr. Shumway the opportunity to understand your concerns and expectations. He will then assess your breasts and help you decide which implant size, shape, and approach is best. We encourage you to take the first step toward feeling more attractive, confident, and desirable. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Shumway, a Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from in and around San Diego and La Jolla. Dr. Shumway is also famous for facelifts, laser peels, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and so much more. If you are looking for self-improvement and cosmetic surgery (major overhaul or minimally invasive), he and his professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 858-587-2640 today to schedule your free initial consultation!.