Cheek Implants in La Jolla, CA

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, accredited by the Joint Commission and awarded the Gold Seal of Approval which reflects our commitment to excellence and quality patient care, offers cheek implants to local residents requiring cosmetic surgery.

High cheek bones have long been considered an enviable facial feature. The term “high cheek bones” can be misleading, though, as the attractiveness of cheek bones is more about prominence than height. The contours created by your cheek bones add natural shadows and highlights on your face and can even make your eyes look more beautiful.

What Are Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants can enhance your natural cheek bones and also add volume to sunken cheeks. The difference can be as subtle or dramatic as you want, and Dr. Shumway will offer professional guidance on the size of your cheek implants.

Are Cheek Implants Right for Me?

Men and women have come to Dr. Shumway for cheek implants to overcome the signs of aging that causes the cheeks to appear sunken, as well as people who simply do not have strong facial features. As a skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Shumway advises you on the benefits of cheek implants for your cosmetic goals.

Why Choose Dr. Shumway?

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to the aesthetic enhancement of our patients through laser and cosmetic surgery procedures. Our office is conveniently located in beautiful La Jolla, which is in the San Diego area of Southern California.

An expert in his field, Dr. Robert A. Shumway, MD, FACS has studied at the nation’s finest medical centers and has taught cosmetic surgery techniques at Duke, UCLA, and UCSD. As a trustee of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, he stresses the importance of close post-operative care, carefully instructing his patients on how to expedite their own healing and recovery.

Dr. Shumway evaluates each patient personally and considers techniques that will provide exceptional results with minimal downtime.

How Is the Cheek Implant Procedure Performed?

Local or general anesthesia is used for cheek implants, and the surgery takes about 30 minutes to two hours. To keep your scars to a minimum and less visible, Dr. Shumway makes incisions either in your lower eyelid or inside your mouth. The implants are inserted through the incisions, and Dr. Shumway works to position the implants and surrounding tissue. He then closes the incisions with sutures.

On the Road to Recovery

You will need to rest for at least one week after you get your cheek implants and that includes staying home from work. For the first few days, keep your head elevated to help with the healing and reduce swelling. Post-procedure symptoms may include swelling, bruising, and tenderness and you may find it difficult to use your mouth for chewing, talking, and other activities.

How Much Do Cheek Implants Cost in San Diego and La Jolla, CA?

The cost of your cheek implants will depend on the extent of surgery that is needed for your individual anatomy and cosmetic goals. We offer payment plans and work closely with CareCredit™ to help you with the cost of your cheek implants.

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