How to Look Refreshed with Eyelid Surgery

21 April 2016 / By shumway
Look Refreshed with Eyelid Surgery

Look Refreshed with Eyelid SurgeryOur eyes are powerful body language message transmitters. They show emotion and interest, and we can use them to communicate simple and complex messages without saying a word. Have you ever noticed that when you want to know what a person is really thinking, you seek eye contact?

Unfortunately, the aging process causes our eyelids to stretch and the muscles around them to weaken. This can obscure our peripheral vision. It also causes excess fat to gather above and below our eyes, resulting in sagging eyebrows, drooping eyelids, and under-eye bags.  All that drooping and puffing around our eyes makes us appear older, tired, and worn out, even when we feel full of vitality.

With all the time people spend looking at each other’s eyes, don’t you want yours to look as bright and vivacious as you feel on the inside?

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, we can help you lose the droops and the bags so you look alert and refreshed. Eyelid surgery, officially known as blepharoplasty, can make a big difference in how you see and look!

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can be performed on the upper lids, the lower lids, or both. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes the excess skin and fat from the area surrounding the eyes. Blepharoplasty improves the appearance of the eyes, giving them a more youthful look.

The Blepharoplasty Procedure

Dr. Shumway has helped hundreds of men and women rejuvenate their eyes with eyelid surgery. He can help you, too.

During your pre-op visit, Dr. Shumway will perform a physical examination as well as eyelid photography to help plan and customize your surgery.  He will also provide you with further preparation instructions: discontinuing certain medications, items to purchase at the pharmacy and arranging for someone to accompany you on the day of the procedure.

When you arrive for your surgery, Dr. Shumway and his staff will provide local and IV Sedation to keep you asleep and comfortable through the procedure.

If you are having surgery on both your upper and lower eyelids, Dr. Shumway will begin on your upper eyelids, cutting along the fold and removing excess skin and fat. He will then close the incision and begin on your lower lids, making the incision either just below your lashes or just inside the lower lid (transconjuctival).  Here, he will also remove the excess tissue and fat that is aging your face in the eye area.

The procedure is usually one to two hours in length.


After your blepharoplasty surgery, you may experience some minor swelling, bruising, temporary light sensitivity, or watery eyes. This is normal, and should only last a few days (7-10 days).

Dr. Shumway will provide you with a set of instructions, which may include:

  • Gently clean your eyelids
  • Use prescribed ointments and other medications
  • Sleep with head raised higher than chest for a few days
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Avoid strenuous activities for a few days
  • Wear dark tinted sunglasses outside
  • Do not wear contacts for a week
  • Keep your follow-up appointments

It’s important that you follow all post-op instructions in order to avoid complications while you heal from your blepharoplasty.

You’ll love your results

Imagine how great it will feel to hear, “You look amazing. What have you been doing?” rather than, “You look tired. Is everything ok?”

Imagine making eye contact with friends, family members, co-workers, potential love interests, and others around you, knowing that your eyes are communicating exactly what you want to express.

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla, we can help make this your reality.  You’ll love the results of your eyelid surgery: a more refreshed, youthful and happy appearance!  Call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shumway. Blepharoplasty might just be exactly what you need to express the real you.