When is Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery Medically Necessary?

In recent years the blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, has become a common procedure for those hoping to regain a more youthful look. It is often done as a part of a larger face lift procedure, but can also be done…

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What are the Benefits of Eyelid Surgery?

When you meet someone new, which facial feature do you notice first? For most of us, it’s the eyes. Unfortunately, this area is also one of the first to display the signs of aging. Collagen and elastin in the delicate,…

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The Benefits of a Fat Transfer Procedure

Have you ever wished you could transfer fat from your hips, thighs or stomach to another part of your body that could use a little more volume? Advancements in fat harvesting and grafting make it possible to do just that….

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Make Your Skin Look Great with a Chemical Peel

All our lives we’ve been told to avoid skincare products and cosmetics containing harsh chemicals. Because of this, the idea of getting a chemical peel can be hard to wrap your head around. However, when performed in a controlled manner…

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5 Ways to Improve Cellulite (and One Great Treatment to Banish it)

Ah, cellulite. Everybody who has it desperately wants to get rid of it. Though anyone can develop annoying fat pockets and dimples on their hips, thighs, and tushes, cellulite is visible most often in women due to the way their…

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3 Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times, but drinking water and staying hydrated benefits you in basically every way possible. Some of the benefits of hydrating include aiding in weight loss efforts, improving your skin’s complexion by keeping it…

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When to Consider Brow Lift Surgery

Do you remember the surprise of seeing your first gray hair? How about faint smile lines around your mouth and chin? Changes to your face and body happen gradually over time. Some we’re ready for, and others we aren’t. One…

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How to Look Refreshed with Eyelid Surgery

Our eyes are powerful body language message transmitters. They show emotion and interest, and we can use them to communicate simple and complex messages without saying a word. Have you ever noticed that when you want to know what a…

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