7 Things You Need to Know Before Having Facelift Surgery

22 March 2016 / By shumway
Things to Know Before Having Facelift Surgery

Things to Know Before Having Facelift SurgeryJowls? Check. Sagging skin? Check. Deep smile lines around your mouth and chin? Yep, those too.  Fortunately, at Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla, we can help you fight those signs of aging with a facelift that gives you back your youthful appearance.

But before you rush into it, there are a few things you should know.

Your comfort level with your cosmetic surgeon is important

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. You want to be sure your surgeon has the right credentials and extensive experience with facelifting procedures.  It’s also very important that you feel comfortable with your surgeon. Do you feel listened to? Does the surgeon take the time to answer all your questions? Are your concerns compassionately addressed? It’s very important that you choose carefully!

Facelift surgery requires some preparation on your part

A facelift is not a procedure to be done on a whim.  Preparation is important.  Once you’ve had an initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you will receive pre-op instructions. They may include pre-surgical tests, a diet and exercise plan, the elimination of certain medications or supplements, or the cessation of smoking.  You will also need to plan for a family member, friend, or hired driver for the day of the surgery. It’s important to follow all pre-op instructions carefully.

You are a good candidate if…

…you are healthy.
…you have no major medical problems.
…your skin still has some elasticity.
…you have realistic expectations.
…you want to remove signs of aging from your face.

Healing from your facelift surgery requires ample recovery time

It is important to schedule your facelift surgery at a time when you can take at least two weeks off from work and other activities in order to heal and recover. Plan for someone else to rush the kids back and forth to their activities or to clean the house. The less you have to do for yourself in the days and weeks following your surgery, the more rapidly your body will be able to heal. Your priorities during your recovery time are to rest, maintain proper nutrition, and keep your follow-up visits with your surgeon.

You will still be you after your facelift surgery

Although the facelift surgery will make some wonderful improvements to your appearance, you will not look like some fantasy movie or television star. You will look like an enhanced version of yourself. Similarly, while your self-esteem may improve once the surgery eliminates some of the signs of aging, it will not make your relationships better or your depression go away. Before you have facelift surgery, it’s important that you look inside yourself to determine the truth of your expectations. Cosmetic surgery can make many improvements, but it will not “make everything all better.”

You may need additional fillers

The goal of facelift surgery is to improve sagging skin, deep creases, and excess fat in order to rejuvenate your face and make you look younger and less tired. Your facelift will not eliminate every wrinkle on your face, but wrinkles around the mouth or eyelids can be addressed with additional procedures, such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, or lasers.

Your lifestyle will affect the longevity of your results

A good skincare regimen, a healthy lifestyle, and sun avoidance will maximize the longevity of your facelift, which can last between 7 to 10 years. Excessive drinking, smoking, and sun exposure will work against you. Younger patients tend to have longer lasting results.

We’re dedicated to your comfort and your amazing results

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, we know choosing to undergo a facelift or any other type of cosmetic procedure is a big deal, and we will do everything we can to make you comfortable every step of the way. We work closely with our patients from the consultation through the recovery time and all the way to the stunning reveal.

Dr. Shumway’s impressive credentials and experience combined with the compassionate care he offers each patient will wow you almost as much as your own gorgeous reflection in the mirror when it’s all said and done.

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