9 Crazy Myths About BOTOX

04 March 2016 / By shumway
9 Crazy Myths About BOTOX

9 Crazy Myths About BOTOXIn 2014, over 6.5 million Americans received BOTOX treatments, making it the most popular cosmetic procedure by far. That number was up 6% from 2013, and 748% since 2000! And yet, despite its popularity, some people still have some misconceptions about BOTOX.  

Whether you’re considering BOTOX injections or are just curious about it, you’ll want to know the truth. Below, we’ve debunked 9 crazy myths about BOTOX.

BOTOX injections hurt

No reason to “fear” this common myth! We use a superfine needle to inject the tiniest amount of BOTOX. Some patients say the sensation is similar to that of a mosquito bite. It doesn’t even require a topical numbing cream.

BOTOX is dangerous and poisonous

The FDA is a trusted organization and has approved BOTOX to be both safe and effective when injected properly. Trust us. When used in proper doses and by an experienced injector, BOTOX is perfectly safe.

BOTOX eliminates facial expressions

Not true. When you have your BOTOX treatments done by a skilled and trained physician, your face will still register surprise, joy, sadness, and whatever else you wish to express. The purpose of BOTOX is to temporarily relax the facial muscles, not to totally eliminate their movement.

BOTOX is the same as dermal fillers

Actually, BOTOX and dermal fillers are quite different!  Though they both can eliminate the signs of aging, they are not interchangeable.  BOTOX relaxes the muscles that create wrinkles, while dermal fillers replace volume to “fill in” the wrinkles. Many patients achieve amazing results when they’re treated with both.

It’s always easy to tell when someone gets BOTOX treatments

False! If done by a skilled and trained cosmetic practitioner, BOTOX produces very natural-looking results. We’d bet that many BOTOX patients pass you by unnoticed every day!

BOTOX injections require too much downtime

Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t lie down for a few hours after your BOTOX injection, you can go about your day immediately after the procedure. We consider it a “lunchtime pick-me-up.”

BOTOX is a huge commitment

BOTOX is actually a great cosmetic procedure to “try on.” Results last approximately 3 to 4 months. If you don’t like your results (which we highly doubt), you don’t have to get another injection again…and you will look exactly the same as you did before you tried it. No long-term commitment required.

First BOTOX, then suddenly you’re addicted to cosmetic surgery

Whoa….slow down!  There is NO physiological addiction involved with BOTOX treatment. Some people develop an obsession of focusing their attention on specific features of their face.  But regular use of BOTOX to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead, between your eyebrows or the Crow’s feet will NOT cause you to be addicted to cosmetic surgery!

BOTOX is only good for cosmetic enhancement

You certainly hear more about Botox as a cosmetic treatment than for anything else, but it’s actually proven helpful for many other indications, including: headache, excessive sweating, facial asymmetry, and more.

Now that you know…what will you do?

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, we’ve been treating patients with BOTOX for 22 years. It remains one of our most popular procedures. Our patients love it because it’s quick, safe, and effective for maintaining a youthful appearance.  If you’re interested in giving BOTOX a try or just want more information about the other cosmetic procedures we offer, give us a call or stop by to schedule a consultation!