How to Fix a Crooked Nose

How to Fix a Crooked Nose

There are many reasons someone can have a crooked nose. Some people are born with slight deformities of the nose, while others sustain injuries to the nasal tissue that cause permanent damage to the appearance of the nose. As a result, nose surgery, formally known as rhinoplasty, is one option for fixing crookedness and creating a more symmetrical look to the face.


If you’re skeptical about undergoing a nose job, there are many DIY remedies floating around the web. Some people believe that you can exercise your nose by pushing on it and flexing the tip of your nose. Other people suggest you can try to straighten your nose by hand after you have sustained an injury. However, this is risky and could cause even more damage.


For some people, it is easier to cover up a crooked nose than try to correct it. YouTube tutorials feature dozens of ways to draw attention away from the center of your face using advanced makeup technique and certain hairstyles. Of course, these methods really only work if you are diligent about doing your hair and makeup the same way every single day.


The best way to get real, permanent improvements in the look of your crooked nose is with the help of a professional. A nose job is an invasive procedure during which your doctor will spend two to three hours reshaping cartilage and removing any broken bits of bone left over from an injury. During this process, he or she will pay special attention to the shape and contour of your nose and ensure that your nose is straight and even upon healing.

Rhinoplasty is the only tried and true method for getting rid of a crooked nose. While other methods offer short-term relief to unevenness, they are not a sufficient long-term solution. In reality, it will cost you far more time, money and energy trying to cover up a crooked nose than it would to just have it fixed properly with the help of an expert.

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