Safe Tanning Tips For Wrinkle-Free Skin

Now that summer has officially begun in Southern California we all want to rush to the beach to get that perfect summer glow, right? There’s no better feeling than letting...

22 07 2016 / Posted by shumway
Remove Cellulite with CelluLaze San diego
Get Rid of Cellulite: How CelluLaze Can Beat Cellulite From the Root

According to numerous studies, over 90% of women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies. Despite its prevalence, cellulite is also one of those things that most women are dying to...

18 07 2016 / Posted by shumway
Choosing the Right Dermal Filler San Diego
Dermal Fillers: Which Injectable is Right For Me?

Dermal fillers have proven in recent years to be a cost-effective alternative to cosmetic surgery. Dermal fillers — also known as cosmetic fillers — are used to treat fine lines...

14 07 2016 / Posted by shumway
Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation San Diego
Your Go-To Guide to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation

You’ve made the decision and scheduled the date of the breast augmentation appointment. Now, it’s time to prepare, which is one of the best things you can do for yourself...

28 06 2016 / Posted by shumway
Considering a Brow Lift San Diego
When to Consider Brow Lift Surgery

Do you remember the surprise of seeing your first gray hair? How about faint smile lines around your mouth and chin? Changes to your face and body happen gradually over...

22 06 2016 / Posted by shumway
Reverse the Signs of Aging with Radiesse
Reverse the Signs of Aging with Radiesse®

As we age, it’s normal for our skin to wrinkle and sag. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! If you’ve considered a facelift to reverse the...

16 06 2016 / Posted by shumway
Benefits of Chemical Peels San Diego
What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities have such flawless complexions, even as they age? Look at Halle Berry, for example. She’s practically a superhuman. At 49 years old,...

08 06 2016 / Posted by shumway
Reshape Upper Arms Brachioplasty in San Diego
Reshape Your Upper Arms with a Brachioplasty Procedure

Waving to a friend. Dancing at a party. Hailing a taxi. These may seem like innocent gestures to most, but if the undersides of your upper arms sag or appear...

25 05 2016 / Posted by shumway
Bio Identical Hormone Therapy San Diego
How Does Bio Identical Hormone Therapy Work?

At Shumway, everything we do is aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our patients. Sometimes we work from the outside in, making changes in the outer body to...

12 05 2016 / Posted by shumway
Bikini Body Ready with TUBA Breast Augemntation
Bikini Body Ready with TUBA Breast Augmentation

It’s that time of year again when San Diegans are working up a sweat at the gym and tearing up their glutes on the Convention Center steps. They’re hanging pictures...

06 05 2016 / Posted by shumway