What Size Breast Implants Should I Get?

What Size Breast Implants

For years, we’ve been bombarded with images of breast implants of large and, sometimes, outrageous sizes. It’s important to note that most women who elect to have breast augmentation choose a natural size that fits their body shape well.

Choosing breast implant sizes is a personal matter that you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon to accurately determine what will look and feel good for your body.


The first thing you need to know is that breast implants are not measured in terms of cup sizes like your bra. If you’ve ever had a professional bra sizing, you know that cup sizes are actually more dependent on the circumference of your ribcage than your breasts themselves, so cup size is not a good indicator of how large you want your breasts to be.

Instead, breast implants are measured by the volume of material being added in cubic centimeters. The average breast implant size is 300 to 360 cc. For most women, this is enough to give them the fuller shape they’ve been looking for without looking drastic on their frame.


Often, women come to Shumway Cosmetic Surgery saying they want size D breast implants or size C breast implants, thinking that that is the answer to their problems. As mentioned above, cup size is not a good indicator of actual results.

When you come in, Dr. Robert Shumway will use a series of sizing devices that fit over your breasts so you can decide which ones give you your desired shape.

Each sizing device represents a different volume implant so we can get an exact measurement for what you want. The best way to choose a size is to try on these sizing devices beneath your clothing so you can see how you look outwardly with each size and how well the size complements your body frame.


In addition to the size of the implants, you should also consider how you want them placed. Your doctor can use implants to lift your breasts, to increase cleavage or to make your breasts project further, or a combination of those things. Depending on the look you are seeking, different implant sizes may produce better results.

You should also consider your activity level and how your breasts will impact your ability to exercise and perform other daily actions. Consider bringing a friend with you to the consultation so they can give you a trusted second opinion on what looks natural and well-suited to your frame.


For excellent breast implants in San Diego, visit Shumway Cosmetic Surgery. Call today to schedule your first consultation to discuss which implant size is right for you!

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