When to Consider Brow Lift Surgery

22 June 2016 / By shumway
Considering a Brow Lift San Diego

Considering a Brow Lift San DiegoDo you remember the surprise of seeing your first gray hair? How about faint smile lines around your mouth and chin? Changes to your face and body happen gradually over time. Some we’re ready for, and others we aren’t. One day, you might look in the mirror and realize the aging process has accelerated without your consent. After all, you feel wonderful! Not a day over 21. So why do you look so tired and worried?

As we age, one of the places gravity likes to take hold is the forehead. If you feel less than confident about your appearance due to a sagging brow, deep lines on your forehead or creases between your eyes, you don’t have to take it sitting down. At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla, we can help you fight back against the signs of aging and restore a youthful contour to your forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows with a brow lift.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that reverses the effects of gravity. By making a few small incisions behind your hairline, Dr. Shumway can tighten the soft tissue in your forehead, lifting your brow to a higher position that appears more youthful and rested. A brow lift can also improve the appearance of hooded eyes, forehead wrinkles, and even frown lines.

When to consider brow lift surgery

If you appear much older than you feel when you look in the mirror, it might be time to consider brow lift surgery. Here are a few more signs to watch for:

  • You’ve noticed deep creases running across your forehead.
  • The middle portion of your brow sags down, making you look grumpy.
  • You have frown lines in between your eyebrows.
  • The outer corners of your brows sag, making you look sad.
  • You are unable to apply eye shadow to your upper eyelid because of the overhanging skin of your brows and forehead.

Am I a good candidate for brow lift surgery?

As with all cosmetic procedures, a good candidate for brow lift surgery should be in good health. Most patients are between the ages of 45 and 60, which is usually around the time when the “gift” of gravity has caused your brow to assume a flat or horizontal position.

A good candidate for brow lift surgery will also have realistic expectations and a positive attitude about the procedure. To put it bluntly, brow lift surgery will not shave 30 years off your face. But if you’re hoping to look happier, more youthful, and approachable, a brow lift may be just what the doctor ordered.

We’re committed to giving you the very best results

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, our staff is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you walk through the door. After discussing your goals, Dr. Shumway will personally guide you in choosing the most appropriate cosmetic procedures to achieve your desired outcome while making every effort to stay within your budget. A beautiful, more confident you is just a phone call away. Drop us a line or stop by our office in La Jolla to schedule your consultation today.