Why Fall is the Perfect Season to Get a Boob Job

21 October 2016 / By shumway
Breast Augmentation

Boob Job  San DiegoMany of us fantasize about having a better body—more curves in some places, less curves in others. And if you’ve done your research, then you know not every procedure can be done on a whim during your lunch hour. Breast enhancement surgery is one that requires planning and preparation.

Often when we talk about planning cosmetic procedures, we talk about the who, the what, and the how.But the when is a big deal, too. When you choose to have your breast augmentation surgery can make a big difference in how fast you recover. Take a look below at 4 reasons why we think fall is the perfect season to get a boob job.

#1. The kids are back in school

If you had your kids home all summer, then you know how much energy it takes to keep them entertained. That kind of activity is not conducive to recovery from breast augmentation. But now that school is back in session, you can have quiet recovery time at home. After your breast enhancement surgery, with the kids out of the house, all you need to worry about is following your doctor’s orders and catching up on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

#2. Cooler weather means better clothing coverage

Your post-operative surgical bra is not going to be the most flattering item in your wardrobe, either as a standalone or beneath sexy summer clothing. As the weather cools off in fall, your clothing options will provide more coverage, enabling you to wear your surgical bra, sports bra, ace bandage, or whatever your doctor recommends, without feeling self-conscious.

#3. Slower pace for faster recovery

As the days shorten and most people settle into school and work routines, the general pace of life slows down a bit. Unless you’re in the agricultural industry, fall can be a sleepy stretch of time between summer beach bashes and winter holiday mayhem. It’s the perfect time to have your breast augmentation surgery because the slower pace will help you recover faster.

#4. Recovery just in time for the holidays

Everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way, but generally speaking, most of us have the same set of expectations: looking good and feeling great. If you have your breast enhancement surgery early enough in the fall, you’ll get to experience both. You’ll have enough time to recover, and you’ll look amazing once you do.

Ready for a new you?

At Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, we have helped countless women achieve their beauty goals with breast augmentation surgery, and we can do the same for you. Dr. Shumway has been performing cosmetic procedures in La Jolla for over 20 years. Not only does he provided the skill and artistry you want in a cosmetic surgeon, but he also stresses the importance of post-operative care. If you follow Dr. Shumway’s instructions after your breast enhancement procedure, you’ll be able to heal quickly and reveal your stunning results with minimal downtime – maybe even in time for the holidays!

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