Five Ways a Breast Reduction Can Improve your Day-to-Day Living in San Diego

17 February 2017 / By shumway

Breast Reduction Procedure in San Diego - Shumway MDFor years the media has focused on celebrity breast augmentations and tummy tucks, but little attention has been paid to the breast reduction procedure. In reality, breast reduction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. Here are five benefits of breast reduction:

Relieving Back and Neck Pain

Women with large breasts often complain about chronic pain in the neck and back. Even wearing proper bras does not do much to dampen the pain these women experience. Relieving back and neck pain is one of the most popular breast reduction benefits women cite.

Improving Physical Fitness

Another common problem for women with large breasts is an inability to perform certain exercises or a general feeling of discomfort when exercising. If you’re already experiencing back and neck pain, trying to perform difficult exercises that require balance and strength can be difficult. A breast reduction will make it easier to participate in sports of all kinds.

Better Body Image

Among women who receive a breast reduction, one of the top reasons they choose to go through with the procedure is to improve their body image. A breast reduction offers a chance to correct asymmetrical breasts, uneven nipples and other problems that are often a burden to self-confidence.

More Fashion Freedom

Women with oversized breasts often have trouble finding clothes that fit properly. Clothes that are large enough to fit over their breasts do not fit well around the mid-section, and vice versa. A breast reduction can open up a wider range of clothing possibilities so you can feel good about yourself every day.

Long-Term Health

While women with large breasts are not necessarily more likely to face breast cancer later on, large breasts are more difficult to scan using standard mammogram equipment. A breast reduction can clear up mammography scans and make it easier for your doctor to identify potential health risks before they develop into real problems.

Whatever your reason for considering a breast reduction in San Diego, you should know that many women have undergone this procedure before you. The end result is a happier, healthier life where you are comfortable with your body. You will have the ability to participate in sports and enjoy a life free of chronic pain.

The doctors at Shumway Cosmetic Surgery are happy to discuss your breast reduction possibilities today!

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