How a Neck Lift is Done and Other Tips to Know About the Procedure

Neck Lift

When people gain weight, one of the areas most impacted is the muscles in the neck and lower face. Unfortunately, even after you’ve lost weight, the neck does not usually return to its previous form.

Correcting loose or sagging skin around the neck can be done with the help of a neck lift. Here’s a look at how this procedure is done.


Whether you realize it or not, you have a series of muscles located just below your chin that run across your neck. They connect to your jaw near your ears. If those muscles have become weak or loose, your surgeon may choose to tighten those muscles first.

This can be done either by re-securing the muscles higher up using permanent sutures, or by removing some of the excess muscle. This will remove the appearance of the “turkey wattle.”


If tightening the muscles is not enough to reach your desired results on its own, many surgeons recommend liposuction as well. This will remove any excess fat bands resting in the neck. After the liposuction is done, the excess skin can be removed as well. This will give you a longer, thinner-looking neck without any leftover skin.


The time it takes to undergo a full neck lift will largely depend on what combination of procedures you are having done. If you are only worried about removing fat with liposuction, the procedure can be very short with minimal incisions. If you are having a full neck lift done to restructure your neck muscles and remove excess skin, the procedure could take several hours and will require more recovery time.

As you prepare for your neck lift, you should ask your surgeon about any special dietary requirements during this time as you may have limited movement in your lower jaw for a few days. You should plan to take a full week off of work to recover. You should also make sure you have button-down shirts available that won’t require you to pull anything up and over your neck area.


To learn more about the neck lift process, contact Shumway Cosmetic Surgery today. Dr. Robert Shumway is here to help you decide whether a neck lift is right for you and guide you towards the procedures that will give you the results you’re looking for. He is happy to discuss all of your neck lift options and make recommendations based on goals.

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