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About Butt Augmentation

With the enhancement of implants or a fat transfer, a butt augmentation provides natural-looking results by simply increasing the volume in your buttocks. As a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert A. Shumway is highly skilled in placing implants and transferring unwanted fat from one area of your body via liposuction and injecting it into another to provide volume. When he is performing a butt augmentation by fat transfer, he will harvest the fat from your hips, thighs, or abdomen. After preparing it for injection, Dr. Shumway will put your fat into a special syringe to deploy into your buttocks. If you do not have enough fat on your body to spare for a fat transfer, he may recommend that you have a synthetic implant placed.

Our team at Shumway Cosmetic Surgery can help you obtain a more symmetrical and sultry body shape with either method. If you would like a more curvaceous body profile, Dr. Shumway can design a personalized treatment plan just for you. Call our office to find out more about our services.

Butt Augmentation - Ideal Candidates

The right candidates for a butt augmentation surgery will be assessed to ensure they are able to undergo this surgery. The first step is to make sure there is plenty of fat in certain areas to perform liposuction for the removal, grafting, and fat transfer process. If you are of a lighter body weight or have insufficient fat to extract and purify, you might not be a candidate for a fat transfer surgery. Also, it is necessary to have good skin laxity. If you have sagging skin, you may require another procedure called a butt lift to remove loose skin in the area. Our butt augmentation patients typically are:

  • In good health
  • Have a desire for a more curvaceous bottom and larger buttocks
  • Have great skin elasticity in the buttocks area
  • Nonsmokers
  • At a healthy, maintainable weight

Find out if you qualify for this surgery by having a consultation with Dr. Shumway at his practice.

Butt Augmentation - Surgical Technique

We offer two different types of butt augmentation surgery here at Shumway Plastic Surgery.

Implant Placement
Shumway Cosmetic Surgery provides a selection of various implant sizes and shapes to meet your expectations. We commonly use solid, silicone elastomer implants as they present an organic appearance. All this information will be discussed with you at your consultation where Dr. Shumway will help you determine the implants that best fit your individual shape. On the day of your procedure in an outpatient setting, small incisions will be carefully created in the natural creases of your backside, and your selected implants will be securely inserted. Next, the incision sites will be sutured and bandaged.

Fat Transfer
A fat transfer is a multi-faceted procedure in butt augmentation. It is an outpatient treatment and generally takes approximately 2 – 3 hours, depending on the amount of fat that is being extracted and transplanted. A form of liposuction will be used first to remove fat from specific areas on your body, like the hips, abdomen, lower back, and/or thighs. The fat extraction process is performed so that the extracted fat is never subjected to open air. It is intricately purified in a sterile centrifuge device. After this step, only the healthy fat tissue is harvested and placed into syringes for transfer. Then, Dr. Shumway will inject the fat into your buttocks. He will build up the fat in layers and massage the surface skin to make sure the fat does not look lumpy. This phase is repeated numerous times until the desired shape has been attained.

Butt Augmentation - What to Expect

Following butt augmentation surgery, it is not uncommon to feel discomfort and experience swelling and bruising for days. Drains will likely be placed, and they will need to remain there for at least a week to allow fluid and blood to be adequately removed for maximum healing. Normal activities can generally be resumed after a few weeks, but you should refrain from strenuous exercise until released to do so.

Dr. Shumway is highly experienced in the placement of implants for gluteal enhancement so patients are often excited to find that scars are hardly noticeable. Because the incisions are made discreetly in the folds of the gluteus, you will feel even more attractive and confident in your bathing suit and shorts knowing that your scars are not noticeable to the naked eye. To maintain optimal results, you should continue practicing a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Butt Augmentation FAQ's


How much does a butt augmentation procedure cost?
The cost of your butt augmentation with an implant or a fat transfer will depend on your specific case. In your consultation, a personalized surgical plan will be developed to match your goals and budget. Expenses can include physician fees, the cost of materials needed, liposuction, anesthesia, facility fees, and more. Shumway Cosmetic Surgery takes several payment methods, including low-interest financing.

Do butt implants last longer than a fat transfer?
During your initial consultation, the pros and cons of implants and a fat transfer will be reviewed with you by Dr. Shumway so you can choose. He will explain what you have to do to sustain the outcomes of implants or a fat transfer so you can decide which option better fits your lifestyle.

Will weight gain affect my results?
Significant weight fluctuations may impact the appearance of your buttocks. The shape and contour of your butt will be changed if you gain or lose a large amount of weight after surgery. This is why Dr. Shumway recommends that you follow a balanced diet and exercise to sustain the outcomes of your procedure.

What can I expect during my recovery?
In the first few weeks after your augmentation surgery, you might feel moderate discomfort while you heal. You should stop strenuous activity until you have approval from Dr. Shumway. In addition, you need to schedule follow-up visits during your recovery so that he can evaluate your progress to check to see if you are healing properly.

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If you can't get the butt you want naturally, consider butt implant surgery to enhance your curves. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Shumway can create an individualized treatment that is specific to your body type. Call Shumway Cosmetic Surgery to set up an appointment with Dr. Shumway at your earliest convenience.

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