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About Brow Lifts

Feeling fabulous after a certain age is an art form. Ask anyone who feels like they are 25 but looks age 50 in a mirror. While age and experience have given them knowledge and self-assurance, it's also given them the gift of gravity – a "gift" with age-related skin damage and less confidence about your appearance. If that's the case, you may want to consider undergoing a procedure that thousands of others undergo each year: a brow lift. This is a surgical procedure that lifts sagging brows and eases the lines and furrows that often develop as we age. It is not the same as a facelift because it only repositions the skin on your forehead or brow area.

A brow lift involves modifying or removing muscle and excess skin to erase wrinkles in the forehead and lift the brows. When it comes to delivering brow lifts to his patients, our cosmetic surgeon at Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Robert A. Shumway, has one main priority: outstanding patient care. He will evaluate you in his office in La Jolla, CA and deliver a personalized plan that will provide exceptional results with minimal downtime. He stresses the importance of post-operative care, instructing each patient on the fastest and most effective road to recovery.

Brow Lift - Ideal Candidates

When you get older, skin elasticity reduces and causes many areas of the face to sag. This is particularly critical in the upper face and will impact both men and women. When looking at yourself in a mirror, do you appear angry or tired, or see deep wrinkles in between your eyebrows, or are bothered by your sagging brow? Brow lift surgery at Shumway Cosmetic Surgery can be the ideal aesthetic procedure for your needs.

If you are concerned by a sagging brow, deep lines on your forehead, or creases between your eyes, a forehead lift may just be what the doctor ordered. This procedure is typically performed on patients who are between the ages of 40 – 65. As with all surgical procedures, you should be in good health and have realistic expectations. A forehead lift will give you a youthful and rested appearance, but it will not erase 30 years off your face. It's also important to have this procedure for the right reasons, namely if it will make you feel more confident and better about your appearance rather than to please someone else. Dr. Shumway is dedicated to the cosmetic enhancement and well-being of our patients through our best practices of laser treatments, injectables, and cosmetic surgery.

Brow Lift - Surgical Technique

Before the procedure, anesthesia is given to the patient. This may be done under IV sedation or general anesthesia based on the extent of the procedure. The incision performed in a browplasty is chosen, depending on the degree of skin sag, if the forehead is addressed, and the appearance of the patient's hairline. Some of the different techniques that may be used:

  • Traditional Incision
    Also known as the open lift incision, this puts the surgical incision behind the hairline at the top of the head. The traditional incision not only masks scars, but it also allows a certain amount of lift control throughout the surgery. The traditional incision is good for those with both frown lines and a sagging brow. The traditional brow lift is the better technique for patients who are concerned about a receding hairline.
  • Trichophytic Incision
    The trichophytic incision is made directly against the patient's hairline. A trichophytic incision permits more dramatic lift in the brow for women and men who have a low risk for hairline recession.
  • Lateral Brow Lift
    Also called a temporal browplasty, the lateral method sets the incision inside the hairline slightly over the temples. The lateral incision permits the outer areas of the brow to be raised and helps sagging that is visible in the outer brow. The lateral technique also helps to correct Crow's feet.
  • Endoscopic Forehead Lift
    The endoscopic lift is a more modern method employed in a brow lift. This method makes multiple small incisions beyond the hairline and inserts an endoscope, which moves to the eyebrow to release its attached tools. Using the endoscope's camera, the brow tissue is repositioned with stitches to place the brow in a better position.

Healing times vary, but it will generally take a few weeks until the "new you" starts to be revealed, and often, subtle changes and improvements will continue to occur over the following months. Most patients will experience swelling and discoloration for about two weeks following surgery with some patients finding that it takes several months for the swelling to fully subside. Incision scars can take up to six months to fade, but since they are typically hidden in the hairline, this often is not an issue.

Brow Lift - What to Expect

The recovery period after a brow lift can vary with the most swelling and discomfort reported with the traditional technique compared to the temporal or endoscopic approaches. In general, patients feel some swelling and bruising in the upper portion of the face around the eyebrows and sometimes near the eyes. Cold compresses can help to decrease the inflammation. Dr. Shumway recommends patients sleep with pillows propped under their head for 3 – 4 nights after their brow lift. It is critical to avoid any activities or movement that can put pressure on your face. The typical recovery period from a brow lift is around 2 – 3 weeks. The results can often be seen right away with a refreshed appearance that seems more alert, softer, and with a visible improvement in sagging skin and fine lines in the upper half of the face.

Brow Lift - FAQ's

How much does a brow lift cost?
It is better to concentrate on finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Shumway, who can give you the best results rather than going with the lowest price. Your costs for brow lift surgery will depend on the technique used, anesthesia, facility fees, and more. When your treatment plan is developed during your consultation, cost estimates can be made. Dr. Shumway will also explain payment methods and how to apply for medical financing.

Do I need a brow lift or facelift?
Whether you need a facelift or brow lift will depend on your goals and where you have excess skin. You should openly talk about your wants with Dr. Shumway so he can help you choose which treatment is best. Some patients come in wanting a facelift may find they would be better with a brow lift and vice versa. Using his experience, Dr. Shumway will confidently help you develop your treatment plan to give you your best results.

What about nonsurgical treatments?
You may consider one of the many nonsurgical options, including laser skin tightening and injectables (like Juvéderm and BOTOX) that can provide mild improvements. However, brow lift surgery is better for longer-lasting results and significant improvements. In your consultation, Dr. Shumway can go over both your nonsurgical and surgical choices to help you decide which is better for your needs.

What technique should I choose?
Dr. Shumway will explain brow lift techniques in your consultation so you know the benefits. He will then help you select the technique that best meets your needs and goals. A few of the factors that might influence your choice are your hairline (factoring in both your current hairline, as well as your risk of developing a receding hairline), the amount of loose skin, and recovery time available.

Will my results look natural?
If you have an experienced cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Shumway, your brow lift will appear natural. He will create your treatment plan for your needs and goals to help you appear refreshed instead of frozen or tight. When performing your brow lift, Dr. Shumway will concentrate on removing loose skin. The remaining tissue and skin will be smoothed so your results don't lift your eyebrows too high or limit your facial expressions.

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Do not let your sagging forehead make others wonder if you're sad, mad, angry or tired — schedule an appointment to get more information about brow lift surgery with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Shumway at Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla, CA. By raising your hanging brow, you can improve your whole appearance and seem more youthful and refreshed. Dr. Shumway strives for results that look natural. Your brow lift will have others saying you look younger instead of thinking you had plastic surgery.

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